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Ala Carte Services

Additional Services Offered by Haney Hayes Promotions 

(Note: All Tours require 30 days notice)

Promotions Package 

(Note: Service requires at least 2 weeks to prepare. It does not need to start at the beginning of a month.)

30-days $75.00

Available to authors, cover designers, or models. 

We will post and create a social media graphic kit for you and help you avoid FB jail.

  • Service includes social media graphic/s (made from your covers, and teaser lines if you supply them)
  • Posting in multiple groups per day on FB, minimum daily reach. 50k potential customers.
  • Promoting #TeaserTuesday and #WriterWednesday on Twitter (up to 8 posts) (Must either supply teasers or 1-3 lines of text so we can create them for you)
  • IG daily
  • Plus, All graphics made become your property regardless of whether you stay with us!
Email us today! Put Promotions Package in your subject. 

Book Spotlight Tour- 


  • Custom Book Spotlight Banner
  • Book Spotlight Tours main focus is promoting your book and offering reviews. 
  • We run a book or series spotlight for seven days instead of just one day. Sending invites to blogs to participate.
  • Spotlight author on the main Facebook page twice a day for the week.
  • Our promotions team will post at least once a day in multiple groups during the length of the tour.
  • You are provided with access to a google doc where all links are posted.
  • Promoted once a day on our Twitter account
  • Promoted on our Pinterest account
  • Media Kit will be provided that will include a cover, teasers, custom banner, and all wording. No HTML supplied for Blogger 

ARC Distribution: 

$20.00  per Title/Month
We do not charge for actual reviews, only the distribution, and tracking of them.

PA Services - 

$100 Month to Month up to 2 Pen names, $50.00 Each additional name thereafter. 

  • Tour and Blitz Packets (Promotional Material)
  • Calendar/Schedules for Tours, Parties, Interviews, Take-Overs, ETC.
  • Sending out ARCs
  • Assisting with all Social Media Network Posts
  • Run & Maintain Street Team, Review Team, Beta Readers
  • Finding Book Signings
  • Contacting blogs for reviews and giveaways
  • Organizing contests and giveaways
  • Blog post topic ideas to the author
  • Schedule and Promote blog posts
  • Help promote and gain followers for the blog
  • Help research topics and subject for the author
  • Contacting graphic designers
  • Finding stock photos for author’s WIP (Author has to pay for all photos)
  • Promoting through Our social media and interacting with followers on the following networks;
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Blog
  • Instagram
  • Website

Blurb Development: 
$20.00 $10 of HHP clients

We at Haney Hayes Promotions know the struggle is real when it comes to developing the dreaded but highly necessary Blurb. Should it be long? Short? Have multiple points of view? Give us your synopsis and we will let out fingers fly! Book us today and let's discuss the ins and outs of creating yours! 


$60 up to 65k then $20 for each additional 10k thereafter/ $40/$10 for HHP Clients

We at Haney Hayes Promotions will format your manuscript to meet the standards needed to publish both e-book and paperback, for the likes of Amazon, and D2D, as well as Ingram. If looking to do smash-words as well an additional fee of $25.00+ shall be added as it's a secondary format altogether. We can add images and specialty fonts where applicable.


Basic Edit. (Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure)
$70 up to 65k then $20 for each additional 10k thereafter/ $40/$10 for HHP Clients. 

Line Edit (line by line)
$80 up to 65k then $20 for each additional 10k thereafter/ $50/$10 for HHP Clients
For line edits.

Editing and Formatting Package

$100 up to 65k then $15 for each additional 10k thereafter
Line Edit
$110 up to 65k then $20 for each additional 10k thereafter


$.50 per page /$.25 for HHP clients

The manuscript must be edited and formatted for accuracy.

Bible Creation

$.50 per page /$.25 for HHP clients

Bibles, what are they? They are what keeps a series on the mark We will read your manuscripts, create a thorough synopsis,  for each. Creating character sheets, bio's, and setting organization so you will easily be able to cite your own work for future projects. We will keep track of your timelines, including natal charts if you need them! For Contemporary work, we will even attempt to verify places and websites for a more realistic feel. Aid with building Pinterest worlds for promotional purposes.


1 Day $10

3 Day $15

Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram Management 

$10 per hour min. 3 hours per month $5 per hour or HHP clients 
We will manage your Facebook page with two posts a day and maintain your Twitter account with one daily post plus increase your Twitter followers.

 Website Management 

$10 per hour min. 3 hours per month $8 per hour for HHP clients
We will manage your website. Help with setting it up and maintain.

Newsletter Management (Mailchimp, or Mailerlite if you use something or find something else we can figure it out.)- $20.00 per month $10 for HHP Clients

We will build and send out newsletters for you. As well as set you up with shareable posts to get more contacts.

7 Day Blast -$25

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

14 Day Countdown package 


Custom Daily Pictures to countdown to your new release
Our promotions team will post them each day in multiple groups
Posted daily on the main FB page and Twitter account

30 Day Readers Challange 

$10 for Authors FREE to Readers!
Authors --- $10  Form-

You can showcase up to three separate titles or one box set, for our readers to read and review.

Once we receive the Mobi or PDF from you the Author, we will not distribute outside of the event. I will also only send straight to email addresses. Reviews are not guaranteed to be favorable, but we do guarantee that they are honest. Thank you HHP

Reviewers --- FREE  Sign Up-

You can read and review as many as your little heart desires. For every book read in the calendar month you will receive an entry to win a $20 Amazon Gift card. So it pays to read!

 All services can be purchased Here

Contact Haney Hayes Promotions Today!
Hours of Operation
M-F 9am- 8pm EST
No weekends or holidays unless discussed prior or for a client service rendered

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